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Some of my favorite mood-boosters

When you’re prone to feeling down or anxious, it’s smart to have a list of self-care items, because it only takes one moment to turn the day around. Here are some of my favorite mood-boosters that help me reset the moment, and ultimately, my day.

1. Pinterest – turn fear/sadness and into inspiration 

2. Selfies! Forcing yourself to smile, and admiring your best qualities, can oftentimes help lift your spirits. 

3. Kombucha – this alkalizing drink actually gives me a bit of euphoria, and the ice-cold fruity fizziness always makes me feel refreshed. 

4. Tea – Unlike coffee that can make me feel jittery or keep me awake, I don’t have to worry about how tea will affect my mood down the road. You can drink 100 cups and be healthier than when you started! I still LOVE coffee (and it boosts my mood at the right time of day) but tea is a great option to give you a task and taste that leaves healthy effects. Try spiking it with apple cider vinegar for a nice little “kick!”

5. Sound – I gong my singing bowl a few times to reset the moment. Sound waves actually allow us to interrupt our fight or flight response and put us back into rest and digest. I find it also is nearly impossible to think/worry/bemoan when there is such powerful sound happening. You can also put on a favorite song or some nature sounds to turn it all around! 

6. Fresh flowers – keeping a bouquet of fresh flowers lifts my spirits and reminds me that happiness can be renewed, even if it (temporarily) dies. 

7. Himalayan salt crystal lamps – the story is the heat from the lightbulb activates ions in the salt that distribute into the air, purifying it and canceling out radiation from your electronics. Whether that’s true or not, the hue of this lamp is so pleasing, I put one in every room to give me warm-fuzzies when I enter. 

8. Aromatherapy – invest in a diffuser, which distributes healing essential oils (like uplifting citrus) throughout your home. I got this one at Whole Foods for $30, and as a bonus, it also displays changing LCD lights, which are known to be therapeutic. 
9. Tension relief – when I’m feeling down or stressed, my muscles take it all on. I’ve invested in a heating pad (for releasing), gel ice packs (for healing inflammation), Epsom salts (for relaxing baths) and a whole bunch of balms that really help soothe sore muscles. My favorite (and I’ve tried them all) is actually from the founder of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan! It’s an Ayurvedic recipe called Narayan gel that feels as though it is really penetrating the deep tissue and relaxing it. I found this at Sprouts. I also use Doterra’s PastTense on my temples to ease my facial tension and headaches.

10. A few more things like meditation, candles, looking into my doggie’s eyes, painting with my toddler, opening a window, going on walks, putting my feet up for 5 minutes, and organizing something round out my list. I hope these help you renew your happiness, because remember, you are worthy of feeling happy, and your happiness comes entirely from within.

What are your favorite mood-boosters?


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All-natural tips for relieving pain

Ever since i was rear-ended last year, I’ve suffered from back pain. Pretty much, it feels like a pinched nerve under my right rib and at the base of my spine. Not to mention all the resulting muscle tension…

Im sure my husband finds me super attractive when I have my Velcro ice pack braced around my neck, but ice is one of my go-to’s for instant relief. My physical therapist said the best formula, though, is:

 1. HEAT 

2. Activity 

then 3. COLD

They have fancy equipment at the PT office so I jimmy-rig it a bit at home. This is what I do to help ease my pain, within that formula:

1. For heat, I take an Epsom salt bath (the magnesium lifts your mood, detoxes you AND relieves tension). I don’t use microwaves but you could also just nuke an uncooked rice-filled pillowcase as a heat pad. If I don’t have time for a bath, I quickly rub Tiger Balm all over my muscles. 

2. For activity, you think stretching would be the best thing to do for muscle pain. While that definitely helps, I find better, longer-lasting relief from strengthening my sore muscles. For my back, I love cobra, locust and bow yoga poses. If you have sore shoulders, do plank; for neck, try chin tucks, and so on. 

3. Then, for cold, good old ice does the trick. Between 15-20 min while watching tv.

It’s quite the job taking care of your pain! Even though this routine takes up a good portion of your evening, if you accept it as your daily life – like brushing your teeth – you start to not mind it. Plus, that pain relief is a huge incentive! What are your tricks?