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For FRESH! DIY oil-pulling recipe

In a 2009 study, the Ayurvedic practice of oil-pulling was shown to reduce plaque and symptoms of gingivitis (source).

Historically, oil-pulling has been known to detox your mouth, revive dull skin, relieve headaches (and hangovers!), soothe cankers, improve breath, whiten teeth, tone facial muscles…OK, can I stop now? Oh, there are MORE benefits? Well, sorry, this is getting ridiculous. Let’s get you swishing with a minty-fresh version of this tried-and-true treatment.


inspired by PaleoMama

  1. Morning or night, if it’s a flossing day – floss first – and put a 1 tsp or tblsp coconut/or sesame oil in your mouth.I always start out small and add to it as needed (cuz your spit adds to the volume)! I use fractionate/liquified oil but solid oil will melt as you swish.
  2. Open your mouth and add 2 drops of your peppermint essential oil.
  3. Swish the oil around in your mouth like mouthwash for 15-20 minutes (I do yoga or watch TV or laundry, etc). Gently push it around and through your teeth.
  4. Spit the oil out in the trash! Ayurveda believes in removing impurities, so you spit out the oil after it collects all the bacteria and gunk.
  5. Brush your teeth gently (gotta be honest; I feel so clean after this that sometimes I skip the brushing!)
  6. Ahhhhmazing!

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Sustainable gardening tips from Sugagreen Hub

Sugagreen Hub is a community space in Salt Lake City, UT where the people who live on-site or come for the gardening workshops contribute to a DIY, sustainable environment. 

The property is beautiful; twinkling lights, footpaths and grapevine-shaded chicken coops give Sugagreen it’s aesthetic appeal, while the permaculture (agriculture that’s good for the earth and mostly off the grid) is the motor that runs this self-“oiled” machine.

Caretaker and certified permaculture designer, Adriane Hovey and her mentor James Loomis, the gardening expert for Catalyst Magazine, built the aquaponics element to the urban farm. Aquaculture doesn’t need land, which is helpful to the Earth because of all of the soil erosion, and is  self-contained ecosystem that produces plants. The symbiotic relationship between fish and plants is what makes this method intriguing. Here’s how it works:

​Hovey says their chickens are a big part of their permaculture. Rather than traditional composting, she says she will throw food scraps and eggshells onto the earth where the chickens roam. She says the chickens peck and scratch and naturally grind the scraps into the dirt, which, along with their fertilizer, creates rich soil that she uses to feed and grow her plants. She also uses the ground eggshells to make facial spa masks, chalk, and to naturally repel snails and other bugs from climbing up plants and bending them over (The shells scrape their sensitive bodies). 

But unless the snails are climbing on the plants, Hovey says they and many other bugs are actually good for the garden. The soil microbiology loves the snail trails. Ladybugs are also important players, because these vicious predators eat The small bugs that lay eggs in and eat your plants. She says it’s important not to use pesticide, even organic pesticide, because you want a healthy ecosystem of insects to Feed and protect your garden.

Hovey also said it’s important to use the lasagna mulch method when you’re preparing a planting bed to enrich the soil and prevent weeds. You can learn how to do that, plus everything you read here and more in one of their community workshops. You can find out when those are happening on their Facebook page. 

The people who make Sugagreen a Hub add their talents to make this green space a place of true community. For example, Rocky Lavoie contributes her musical talents on the ground’s stage, made of all Upcycled material, and also teaches yoga once a week in the space’s studio.​​​ and Artists for Agriculture help design garden elements and hang art for sale on the walls. Everyone is welcome, so contact Hobey through Facebook if you’d like to get involved, or even rent their studio space. 

You can watch me spending a whole morning at Sugagreen at

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DIY recycled candles

It’s a beautiful thing to be self reliant. I feel so empowered knowing I can make something I LOVE with my own two hands.

I am into recycling candles – harvesting those remaining bits of wax from old candles, melting down candle pillars from thrift stores, and repurposing existing containers – giving old things new life! Not contributing to the pollution of manufacturing them brand-new.

To make your own, get a container like a mason jar, and a few candle wicks from The craft store. Suspend your wick from a skewer lead a crossed your empty container.  Melt your candle remnants or old pillar candle in a double boiler on your stove. Enjoy the sent that various remnants create, or add your own essential oil to the melted wax. Then fill the candle jar! When it’s completely hardened, trim the wick, and you have your self a beautiful, new to you, Upcycled candle!

If you don’t want to go through all that trouble,  my line of candles will be coming soon to! Check out the site for other wellness products available right now 🙂

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DIY Holiday Card

It’s our first Christmas card as a family of three, but even still, the thought of getting a professional photographer and printing a gazillion cards loomed like a dentist visit. So I chose easy.


Instead of orchestrating a family sitting, I took a photo from Halloween and got creative! It could have been any costume…all you have to do is craft your message around it. We linked ‘jailbird’ with ‘naughty list’ and voila! A clever card was born. 


For the cover, we edited the photo with PicTapGo (lots more options than Insta; you can brighten and equalize and color and everything soooo easily). Then we added text over it in After Photo. Now that we have the image, we needed the card. Thank you, Shutterfly, for making it so simple, I literally did it while making dinner. Uploaded my image onto a 5×7 format, wrote text to put on the back, then ordered my prints!

That’s it! Simple solution for a card your loved ones won’t likely toss in the trash…till January. 

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DIY Clarifying Shampoo

🙇 I put a lot of gunk in my hair. My stylist always makes fun of my gross scalp (we are best friends, so it’s cool). She recommended a clarifying shampoo, but hers had so many chemicals in it! So, I made my own, and now my scalp is squeaky clean, and the lack of gunk is making my hair so voluminous! This is my new twice a week ritual.

mix the following in a cup of warm water:

🍚2 tbl #bakingsoda

🍺1 tbl #applecidervinegar 

🍃 One drop of #teatree / #eucalyptus #essentialoil, if you have it, for dandruff

💦slowly pour over wet hair while massaging scalp. Rinse completely. Then I used a little Argan oil before I blow dried. 

this has been my most popular post on Pinterest; so let me know if you try it!

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Green Travel Tips with Toddlers

When his favorite movie on the iPad isn’t doing it anymore (or you’re just too damn tired of Boxtrolls), reach into your big Ziplock bag full of toddler toys and games. In ours:
🐋100 animals book (it’s like a different book every time!)

😁chew toys for teething and boredom (Popsicle sticks, bottle dropper, toothbrush)

😶a few secondhand Weeble Wobble toys for play on the tray table

➕The following games: 

🛢 this is a #reused spice jar and some toothpicks. Great for #motorskills! I brought another kind of spice jar to switch it up when he gets bored of one.

🌰 then this is a reused, three-compartment cereal/formula dispenser. We got several sizes of pompoms so he could push into the spout. Kept him busy for 20 min! 

So far, so good on our #Miami flight!

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Guilt-free Frappe

 🍂🍁GOOD MORNING! 🍁🍂 little holiday recipe for you…

Guilt-free Frappe 

(Makes 2)

Freeze 🍌4 bananas. Cool some of your ☕️morning #coffee in the freezer till at least room temperature, if not cold. Blend coffee, bananas and your fave creamer to taste (I used Silk vanilla creamer – not the ‘even creamier’ kind with carrageenan but the regular – and a drop of #peppermint extract). 

🍓🍊🍇it’s like a morning smoothie, dessert and coffee all in one!