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Yoga for your Eyes!

Did you know that your EYES can do yoga? India’s revered ancient health practice called Ayurveda prescribes several exercises that it claims heals and improves eyesight. Along with improved eyesight and reduced chances of eye diseases, here are some benefits, according to Ayurveda:
improved concentration
calmer mind
relieves eye strain
eliminates dry eyes
Increases intuition and ability to see “the big picture” (third eye chakra)

To do yoga for the eyes, try these tips (many of which mentioned in Yoga Journal):

-Lubricate eyes with Ghee (or coconut oil, which contains luaric acid just like breast milk…raise your hand if you put breastmilk in your infant’s infected eyes!)
-Blink 20 times a minute while looking at screens
-Roll eyes in all directions (follow your thumb as you move it around)
-Focus on your hands near, then focus on them far, and continue for several rounds
-Rub hands together then cup the eyes
-In shoulder stand, let knees rest on eyes

Your eyes are the window to your brain; how they feel is a reflection of your state of mind. Meditation can greatly improve your mind, and therefore release tension and dryness of the eyes!


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For FRESH! DIY oil-pulling recipe

In a 2009 study, the Ayurvedic practice of oil-pulling was shown to reduce plaque and symptoms of gingivitis (source).

Historically, oil-pulling has been known to detox your mouth, revive dull skin, relieve headaches (and hangovers!), soothe cankers, improve breath, whiten teeth, tone facial muscles…OK, can I stop now? Oh, there are MORE benefits? Well, sorry, this is getting ridiculous. Let’s get you swishing with a minty-fresh version of this tried-and-true treatment.


inspired by PaleoMama

  1. Morning or night, if it’s a flossing day – floss first – and put a 1 tsp or tblsp coconut/or sesame oil in your mouth.I always start out small and add to it as needed (cuz your spit adds to the volume)! I use fractionate/liquified oil but solid oil will melt as you swish.
  2. Open your mouth and add 2 drops of your peppermint essential oil.
  3. Swish the oil around in your mouth like mouthwash for 15-20 minutes (I do yoga or watch TV or laundry, etc). Gently push it around and through your teeth.
  4. Spit the oil out in the trash! Ayurveda believes in removing impurities, so you spit out the oil after it collects all the bacteria and gunk.
  5. Brush your teeth gently (gotta be honest; I feel so clean after this that sometimes I skip the brushing!)
  6. Ahhhhmazing!

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Ayurveda 101: The ultimate, personalized wellness plan

Ayurvedic herbs

Find supplements tailored to your unique dosha

You may have seen the word “Ayurveda” or “Ayurvedic” pop up in our current culture of New Age and holistic lifestyles. This 3,000-year-old system originated in India from the same texts that gave us Yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism. You’ve heard of brushing your tongue to prevent bad breath? That’s Ayurveda. Making yourself throw up to prevent impending illness from poisoned food? Ayurveda. Neti pots (sinus washes)? Ayurveda! Even the latest turmeric craze is based in Ayurveda.

My favorite part about this preventative and curative system is that it prescribes a lifestyle based on your individual constitution, or prakriti. Our constitutions (mental, spiritual, physical) can have a dominant dosha: Pitta, Vata or Kapha. Each dosha has its own prescriptions for living a balanced lifestyle. 

For example, I’m Vata-dominant, which means I love change (guilty – I like to change jobs, houses, interests like some people change coffee filters), have abundant ideas, and love exploring new things. My husband is a Kapha, and they are “slow and steady;” he has been in the same career for 25 years, would never move if I didn’t insist, and has the sort of paced endurance that allows him to run marathons.

Don’t wait to find out your dominant dosha (the highest score) with a quick quiz. **It’s possible to have two dominant doshas (in that case, follow the plan to balance both of them), or even have all three doshas with the same score (good for you – make sure to stay balanced!).** I’m telling you, it’s scary-accurate…more so than astrological signs, in my opinion. You want to start eating, exercising, working and simply living how the advice suggests. It has helped me get and stay well more than almost anything besides meditation.

If you’d like some personal Ayurvedic guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact me for an in-person or online session. May your journey to wholeness be filled with ease and joy.



What Happened When I Tried Oil-pulling

I learned about the ancient #ayurvedic method of pulling #toxins out of the body by swishing a tablespoon of #organic #vegetable oil around your mouth for 20 minutes. I use #coconutoil or #almondoil. The oil should double in size as it ‘pulls out toxins.’ Supporters have reported whiter #teeth, healed gums, cured #headaches and #hangovers, #sinus relief and overall better #health.


Even after just one time, teeth and gums felt fresh and renewed. Face tingled. #brainfog lifted. And today, a week later, I did it and my right sinus opened up COMPLETELY! I have major sinus problems, so this is a big deal. And I know it was the pulling because I have taken no other remedy or done anything differently but that. So, I say, start swishing!