Simple Green Me

Cultural reporter for KUTV 2News and adjunct yoga/meditation professor blogs about wellness, green living, downsizing, simplifying, better travel✨and more. Offering mindfulness, meditation, goal-setting and decluttering coaching!

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A Blog for the ‘Busy’ Generation

Busy parenting. Busy gardening. Busy bubble-bathing. Busy changing the world. 

I get it, you’re BUSY! I’m busy, too! And quite frankly, life’s too short to spend binge-reading blogs all day (save that for Netflix). That’s why my ‘blog’ is short, simple, and to the point. It’s on Instagram. 

Follow @simplegreenme and you’ll get only what you need – nothing you don’t – and certainly, nothing less. Quick tips for simplifying your life, starting with how you read blogs.

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