Simple Green Me

Cultural reporter for KUTV 2News and adjunct yoga/meditation professor blogs about wellness, green living, downsizing, simplifying, better travel✨and more. Offering mindfulness, meditation, goal-setting and decluttering coaching!


Amanda and her son William on the job

The Short Story

Certified yoga instructor and Dharana Method™ meditation teacher Amanda B. Jones turned her life of struggle into a life of peace and success with yoga, meditation, downsizing, and living a conscious, green life. She has dedicated her life to sharing these discoveries with anyone seeking mindfulness, healing and happiness. In addition to teaching yoga teacher training and meditation courses at Salt Lake Community College, Amanda also enjoys a career as a feature reporter for channel 2 news, and is also a freelance TV host, actor and model. She is grateful her life is full with family, travel and FREEDOM and can’t wait to share it with you!

The Real Nitty Gritty

After a decade in the fast-paced world of TV, radio and magazines, I suddenly find myself at home with an infant, and…no identity. Alone with myself, the silence is deafening.

Thank Goodness I had become a certified yoga instructor when I was 8 months pregnant, because my daily practice is the only thing saving me. That, and cable TV. My baby is now 5 months old, and my midwife suggests I have postpartum depression. Antidepressants make me literally crazy (well, actually, when I stop taking them due to emotional numbness, I get “withdrawal syndrome,” which causes even more intense depression, crying episodes, and physical hell). I feverishly research “natural antidepressants” and come across  some helpful herbal remedies.

I revamp my diet. All organic, clean and all the right supplements (following the Ayurvedic system).  I start doing a few minutes of yoga and meditation daily. Just very light stuff. I start looking forward to getting out of bed in the morning. I’m totally fine handling a baby at the grocery store. I start accepting coffee dates and my husband and I feel close.

Then I get rear-ended. 3 MRIs. 6 bulging discs. 5 months of physical therapy. Pain. Discomfort. Not even yoga helps. My prescription meds run out and I return to mindfulness. Because of the energy and mood boost, I am able to return to a modified yoga practice. After a few weeks, I get released from physical therapy. I am starting to smile again. I am going longer and longer without depression.

This whole process reminded me of what’s important in life: Freedom. So my family and I get rid of all excess and downsize from a 1400-square-foot suburban home to 800 square-feet, cut our financial obligations down by a third, paid off $5,000 in debt and counting, and will be mortgage-free in four years.

I’m now an adjunct professor of Yoga Teacher Training, and Meditation Theory and Practice at a local college, and a TV host at KUTV 2News (CBS). I’ve learned that I need to do whatever it takes to keep myself in the present moment: Meditation/mindfulness, (light) yoga, downsizing (keeping my home and finances free of clutter), self-care (massage, Ayurvedic herbs, chiropractor, essential oils, etc). All of these things are both my prevention and my remedy for bouts of painanxiety and down days.

I’ve learned that suffering is a call to reevaluate; to start over. To build your life how you want it be. Let’s build it beautifully; full of joy, ease, freedom and peace.

I’m here for you!


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