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Get ready in 15 minutes with capsule beauty kits

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Capsule wardrobes are trending right now for a reason; any time you reduce quantity and focus on the QUALITY of your items, your QUALITY of life improves! When you streamline your beauty routine, no longer is your precious morning taken up by indecision, or rummaging to find what you need. Here’s my recipe for simplifying your beauty products and regimen to free up time and space in your bathroom, and your life!

looking good doesnt have to take forever!

(this is for your face – do what you want in the shower😊)

-scrub (Acure Brightneing Face Scrub with green algae and argan stem cell from Target…or you can use coconut oil and sugar or coarse salt)

-gentle cleanser

-makeup remover towelettes

-moisturizer (obsessed with Bright Skin Moisturizer with SPF from Eminescence)

-eye cream 

-lip balm

-aluminum-free deodorant (if you’re still using regular deodorant, it’s time to switch. I use Thai crystal deodorant stone, which is nothing but mineral crystals..and the same stone lasted me three years. You need to be diligent and only apply it to CLEAN Pitts – yes, I wash my underarms and face in the sink every morning if I don’t shower.)

I wash my face with honey in the morning (it tones skin and is antimicrobial), and a scrub at night to get all the dirt off.  The towelettes are great if you’re too lazy to wash your face at night. I do my BB cream after morning wash (it has moisturizer in it, as well as spf and anti aging) and then my moisturizer after night wash (it’s all organic and plant-based so it nourishes my face all night). I put my eye cream on at night a few times a week and on airplane trips. I always scrub my lips when I scrub my face, and cost them with an organic balm. No crazy serums or toners; I believe when you rest, eat and move well, your skin is healthy and glowing on its own.


-leave-in conditioner or hair oil

-Styling cream (good for scrunching or holding straight styles)

-hair spray


-blow dryer

-comb, brush, roundbrush 

-rubber bands and Bobby pins

-headband or scarf

This is my number one advice for simplifying your hair routine: cut it!! Long hair takes forever to blow dry and style. Or if you don’t want to cut it, at least find a cut that complements your hair texture to make it easy to wear naturally (sans blow drying). For example, lots of layers for thick or curly hair; textured cuts for thin hair, etc. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve saved in my week from cutting my hair! I don’t even think about doing it anymore. If you want take it a step further, choose a low-maintenance color. I love being blonde but it’s a dye job every 4 weeks. I recently added lowlights of my natural color and I’m going on two months without an appointment! 

The hair products are pretty self-explanatory; you need a product for defrizzing (co sit-up we or oil), hold (spray or cream) and smoothing (any of the above). With styling, My rule of thumb here is choose a hairstyle for each of your three “looks:” Everyday, dirty hair, and going out.

I do my Going Out look every time I shower; i blow-dry it back, back comb and hairspray. My Everyday look coasts off of that; it’s the same. My dirty hair look is either that with more backcombing, or a headband/scarf, or a row of tiny, loose ponytails. So, no matter what the occasion or cleanliness of my hair, I always have ready-access style options. 


– full coverage foundation (I use NS minerals out of Utah)

-BB cream (obsessed with Mineral Fusion brand from Whole Foods)

-eyebrow pencil 

-neutral palette  

-colored palette

– one black, one brown, and one colored eye liner 

-concealer (Mineral Fusion brand has one that covers so well)

-bronzer (I go pretty dark, as it’s for contouring)

-one neutral, one medium and one dark lipstick

They key here is consulting with a makeup artist to get your colors. I had one at Whole Foods help me pick out a BB Cream that not only gave me tone-perfect coverage, but also had anti-aging, spf, and moisturizing properties.

My makeup artist friend helped me find the right colors for my eyes, which are blue: a brown eyeliner, a dark blue eyeliner, a 3-hue neutral palette that had Sand, Gold and Brown, and a 3-hue set that had purple, grey and pink. I got a good mascara and eyebrow liner and now I know whatever I put on my eyes will accentuate them.

I use a BB cream everyday, unless I’m on TV or going out – then I use my full-coverage mineral powder. Either way, I do bronzer under my cheekbones, at the tampers and on the chin. I always line brows and usually do a dark blue liner on my eyes. I save mascara and eyeshadow for TV or going out because they’re harder to remove. 

my “everyday” look




If you want a low-maintenance life, do not get your nails done. Don’t even paint your own nails! That requires touch ups, fill-ins, removal…so many things that waste time and energy. The payoff of having hot nails does not compare to the freedom of never needing to worry about them. I simply make sure my nails are tidy, and my feet are buffed smooth, and I’m good to go!


These tips help me get up and going, or get into bed, without any hassle or indecision. Let’s automate the mundane parts of our lives so we can focus on what really matters! If you need personal coaching on streamlining your life, visit for a free consultation! 


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I'm a mom, wife, certified yoga instructor and TV personality whose passion is coaching you toward a healthier, simpler, greener life! I use tools including yoga, organization and downsizing to create lives free of unnecessary STUFF and stress. Email me to start your journey toward Simple, Green, ME!

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