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Yoga for Sciatica / Low-back Pain

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As someone with five herniated discs, I know pain. I know many of you suffer from back pain, too – particularly a common form known as sciatica.

Sciatica – or sciatic pain – is an uncomfortable condition causing nerve pain from the hip possibly all the way down to the toes. The cause can be anything from a herniated spinal disc to a tight muscle in your glute pushing on the sciatic nerve, and it is usually only is painful on one side of the body. So, to alleviate some of that searing pain (of course, first, ask your doctor and then) it’s time to release some tension and make room for the nerve.

Try these yoga stretches:

  • reclined leg stretch with strap
  • figure four
  • pigeon pose
  • standing twist
  • standing hamstring stretch

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I'm a mom, wife, certified yoga instructor and TV personality whose passion is coaching you toward a healthier, simpler, greener life! I use tools including yoga, organization and downsizing to create lives free of unnecessary STUFF and stress. Email me to start your journey toward Simple, Green, ME!

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