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All-natural tips for relieving pain

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Ever since i was rear-ended last year, I’ve suffered from back pain. Pretty much, it feels like a pinched nerve under my right rib and at the base of my spine. Not to mention all the resulting muscle tension…

Im sure my husband finds me super attractive when I have my Velcro ice pack braced around my neck, but ice is one of my go-to’s for instant relief. My physical therapist said the best formula, though, is:

 1. HEAT 

2. Activity 

then 3. COLD

They have fancy equipment at the PT office so I jimmy-rig it a bit at home. This is what I do to help ease my pain, within that formula:

1. For heat, I take an Epsom salt bath (the magnesium lifts your mood, detoxes you AND relieves tension). I don’t use microwaves but you could also just nuke an uncooked rice-filled pillowcase as a heat pad. If I don’t have time for a bath, I quickly rub Tiger Balm all over my muscles. 

2. For activity, you think stretching would be the best thing to do for muscle pain. While that definitely helps, I find better, longer-lasting relief from strengthening my sore muscles. For my back, I love cobra, locust and bow yoga poses. If you have sore shoulders, do plank; for neck, try chin tucks, and so on. 

3. Then, for cold, good old ice does the trick. Between 15-20 min while watching tv.

It’s quite the job taking care of your pain! Even though this routine takes up a good portion of your evening, if you accept it as your daily life – like brushing your teeth – you start to not mind it. Plus, that pain relief is a huge incentive! What are your tricks? 


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