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Yoga for the ‘Smartphone Hump’ and other Poture Problems

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Amanda showing “Fresh Living’s” host how to fight curved shoulders

Ok, so the headline may sound extreme, but technology is causing an increase of the Dowager’s Hump – a buildup of fat and calcium at the base of the neck – in young adults and even children. You yourself may even be a victim! It used to be that gravity would pull our heads forward and cause our spine to curve and fuse into a humpback, but now, looking down at your phone has become a faster-acting cause. 

When we text, our chin tucks, our head slips forward, and our shoulders round. If we fail to strengthen our back muscles, they soon become overstretched and weak, as the pectoral muscles get shorter and stronger, further pulling shoulders forward. Our task is to counterbalance the down-looking by strengthening your back muscles. Here are some yoga poses designed to do just that!

1. Posture “stacking”

2. Wall or chair shoulder stretch

3. Behind-back chest-opener with strap 

4. Locust pose

Hope these poses open up your shoulders as much as they have mine!

*watch me demonstrate all these moves during my “Fresh Living” segment HERE.

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