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A letter to women in an election year

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Hilary Clinton just became one of the very few woman ever nominated for President of the United States. It gives me goosebumps, when you think how many men have been nominated compared to women. (Check out this inspiring article on past female candidates.) I was rooting for Bernie until I felt a very strong physical/emotional reaction to her message upon her nomination, and it made me remember what we as women so desperately need in our government:

– childcare: women will be liberated when we can have subsidized or free childcare to pursue education, civic duties/involvement, professions and simply self-care

-equal pay: still a disparity, even 40 years after Women’s Lib

-overcoming racial barriers: women of color are worthy of the same opportunities afforded to not just men, but white women, as well.

-reproductive rights: not having say over our own bodies while men have every bit of say over theirs is a violation of basic human rights. We should not be punished for something we did not choose; being born with the possibility to have children. Not to mention the very young girls or those in poverty not having access to abortion…who will not have free childcare to finish their education/professional endeavors.

What issues are on your mind? If you are a woman or a friend of women, I ask you to consider your basic human rights during this very historic election season. 


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