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Being present starts with your phone

I crashed on my bike because of my phone. A whole weekend with an ice pack on my crotch, and I get the message. I need to kick this phone addiction.

Whether (I think) I’m being discreet or not, my family notices. A quick scroll here, and tap-tap for a comment there, and other swipes throughout the day tell my family that during breakfast or the library or a beautiful walk outside that they’re not my priority. 

I don’t want my son to think I want to hear about his day only after I “finish this text real quick.” Or that my husband doesn’t deserve eye contact until after I post on all my accounts for the day.

And what about my mental wellbeing? How can I be peaceful if I constantly have one foot in the technology circus all hours of the day? Wouldn’t I be more calm, loving and patient if I didn’t have the never ending nag of notifications interrupting my borderline perfect life?  I think I’d be more free of mental clutter if I had less electro static in my life.

So this is where I make a commitment. I promise myself and my family I will abide by the following rules so I can break my phone habit and live life in the present.

1. Move my social media and email icons to the last page on my screen. That way I don’t see the notifications when I check the time or for texts from hubby.

2. Check email 3 times a day. That way, I dont miss anything urgent but I don’t make myself available all day long!

3. Post only one time a day on each social media account. No matter how cute that picture is or how poignant the thought, I get to enjoy life without having to share it with the world all the time!

4. Check for and Respond to social media comments only when I’m alone or have designated phone time. No comment is worth blowing off kids or husbands.

5. Turn off text notifications, besides the ones from my husband. I’ll check them on my terms! And if it’s really important, they’ll call.

What do you do to make sure your phone doesn’t control your life? Please share! 


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DIY recycled candles

It’s a beautiful thing to be self reliant. I feel so empowered knowing I can make something I LOVE with my own two hands.

I am into recycling candles – harvesting those remaining bits of wax from old candles, melting down candle pillars from thrift stores, and repurposing existing containers – giving old things new life! Not contributing to the pollution of manufacturing them brand-new.

To make your own, get a container like a mason jar, and a few candle wicks from The craft store. Suspend your wick from a skewer lead a crossed your empty container.  Melt your candle remnants or old pillar candle in a double boiler on your stove. Enjoy the sent that various remnants create, or add your own essential oil to the melted wax. Then fill the candle jar! When it’s completely hardened, trim the wick, and you have your self a beautiful, new to you, Upcycled candle!

If you don’t want to go through all that trouble,  my line of candles will be coming soon to! Check out the site for other wellness products available right now 🙂

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#15secondzen – a little love goes a long way

wanna feel REALLY good this weekend? Practice this easy exercise and you’ll love yourself and your loved ones like never before! The world will become a much nicer place for you! Happy Friday! 🎉

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Balcony garden FTW

it’s funny; when I had a third-acre yard, I never gardened. Always hoped to, but the execution never happened out of intimidation. 

But now that we’ve downsized and now have a condo balcony instead of a yard, potted plants, I can do.

Do you know that growing even some of your own food (organically) helps improve air quality, reduces your carbon footprint, reduces you and your children’s risk of cancer (by limiting pesticide exposure), prevents soil erosion from mass-farming, takes good transport trucks off the road, and the list goes on.  

I have five repurposed pots in a variety of deepness, as well as some railing boxes from IKEA. some organic soil and a handful of seed starters later, and I now have a balcony full of pesticide-free sprouts! I’m growing:

🌿 basil

🌿 cilantro

🌿 jalapeños

🌿 sweet pepper

🌿 cherry tomatoes

🌿 flowers

I’ll keep you updated on my goals to compost, as well as whether they start baring fruit! Please send “grow” vibes, as I’m a very “green” apartment Gardner.  

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2 ingredients that solve a LOT of problems

You already have these two power players in your house, but you likely don’t know just how heroic honey and cinnamon when joined together! I found out their rockstar repertoire while I was researching an anti-acne face mask (1 tsp cinnamon and 2 tbl honey). So, whip that up, spread it on your face, and read this as they go to work!

Taken together, honey and cinnamon can help you lose weight (regulating glucose levels and metabolism), raise defenses (take for three days straight to heal colds/cough/flu), improve digestion, curb sugar cravings, heal joints, treat insomnia and stressand increase libido (a spoonful in the morning and at night I hear really ramps up the romance)!

Just make sure the ones you buy are quality, organic, raw and pure! 

Oh, and feel free to read more about these two ingredients because even on their own, they work dozens of other miracles!

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#15secondzen – suffering your way to enlightenment 

Today’s ✨#15secondzen –
why we need suffering. My take on it today? When I’m in pain, I’m reminded to feel my body. To breathe. To reach out to loved ones. It turns on that need for “something more” in that spiritual sense. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BE PRESENT. The reason I’m so into meditating now is Because I was trying to ease suffering. And now, it is my tool for prevention of suffering. 

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” 

-Friedrich Nietzsche

And make sure you check out all the new stuff at! Use the code FRIEND10 for 10% off your first order. !

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#15secondzen: The moments between moments

Today’s mindfulness video teaches you to stop swinging from task to task, moment to money. When you get off the monkey bars, and start to notice the moments in between tasks, you’ll realize that more life actually happens during nonaction.


Non-action:  we’re programmed to live a life of doing, fixing, planning, achieving and controlling. Our worth comes from our productivity. Non-action is when we can know our worth, and actually cause less suffering to ourselves and others, by being still, and aware of everything in- and outside of ourselves.