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7 cheap ways to triple your bathroom storage

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The bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house but needs to hold a ton of stuff! These are my tips to organizing your stuff in a way that makes life simpler and allows you to retain only the items you really use.

🛁search Goodwill or similar for secondhand organizers (they are everywhere!) and dedicate a compartment each to “skin stuff” (tweezers, lotion, eyecream), “nail stuff” and makeup.

 🎀I put hair stuff including hot tools in a box UNDERNEATH the vanity or nearest to the outlet. (Along with extra toilet paper in a basket)

 🚽organize essentials like cotton balls, qtips and wipe lads in easy-to-reach jars. 

🛀🏻 buy adhesive hooks for extra towel/robe storage. They come in all colors; I got a brushed nickle-looking one for $3 so I could hang a towel right by the shower, then a bunch of these clear ones that I used for the towel by the sink. 
⛩an extra corner shelf for your bathroom ($30, ikea) gave me space for my husband’s deodorant/lotion, toothbrushes, makeup totes and face wipes. 

  🚿shower caddies are your friend! Even a little one goes a long way in adding storage – especially for awkward things like poofs and razors!
🛍keep bulk bathroom items (extra bottle of lotion, razor blades, etc) plus bath salts out of kids’ reach in a basket in the linen or hall closet

Kids’ bath toys are a whole different blog post! So I’ll end here. What are your bathroom organization victories?


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