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4 (Free) things that make moving super easy

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So, I’m pretty good at moving. I can’t even count how many times I’ve done it; I know we all have moved a lot! But this time, as my family and I prepared to downsize our stuff/mortgage/life from a house in the ‘burbs to a 2-bedroom condo downtown, it was EASY. here’s why:

1. Downsizing/organizing

If you read my last post, you’d know I’ve spent about a year downsizing and organizing all our stuff. We’re down to 1-2 “special” boxes, two SMALL boxes of books, two sets of bedsheets/towels/etc, no unnecessary duplicates in the kitchen (or anywhere for that matter), organizational bins for EVERYTHING (makeup, surplus bathroom goods, art supplies, games, toys, electronics/cords, medicine, tools, outdoor gear, etc)…I am feeling empowered! Because when you’re only moving the stuff you REALLY want to follow you, and it’s all in one, well organized place, moving is so easy that it’s almost fun!

2. Pack in order

the order in which you pack makes all the difference. Because with picture frames and decor packed away, you’re able to see what you REALLY use around the house, and further downsize/organize. Plus, this particular order allows you to keep your essentials out till the very end! So definitely pack in this order; it’s magical, I tell ya:

A) picture frames and decorative items

B) books and media (leaving only a few essentials out) 

C) excess blankets/bedsheets/towels (leaving some out for tip #4) and packing a separate bag for “immediate use” towels/sheets/blankets

D) seasonal clothing 

E) hats/accessories/jewelry

F) artwork and rugs (see tip #3)

G) outdoor gear

H) files/office stuff/art supplies

I) kitchen items 

J) clothing/shoes 

K) toys and computers

L) bathroom stuff

I-L happen on the day before moving. All else is up to your timeline!

3. Prep items for your new home

  I vacuum, steam and roll up rugs so they’re fresh upon unpacking. I wash bed sets and store in a bag so the first night in your new home feels like home. I wash throw blankets and pillow covers. I disinfect toys. I clean kitchen appliances before they go in boxes. This step doesn’t feel like extra work; it’s exciting to think you won’t have to do it for awhile after moving into your new home! 

4. Utilize your towels and other household items for packing  


 In an effort to be green, I avoid the bubble wrap and instead use every last towel (besides the essentials mentioned in tip #2), sheet and blanket (besides the essential ones I washed and packed) to pad picture frames, vases, Dishware and other fragile items. Pillowcases worked like a dream for framed artwork (most common sizes fit inside; even a few at a time)! Most of these textiles are ones I plan to give away after the move anyway. I did already set aside my essentials, and what more do I need?😊).

I also utilize backpacks and duffel bags as boxes, and trash bags (to be reused in the new home) for soft goods. We only ended up buying 12 boxes from U-Haul, in addition to the four glassware-stowing boxes we scored for free from the liquor store).

If I could add one more tip, it’d be hire out! We splurged on movers this time, but I couldn’t justify pre-move-in cleaners this time around! But that’s okay, because I feel so satisfied knowing only the things we really need made it to the new house, so that we can start this next phase of our lives unencumbered! Good luck with your move!


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