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How to Cover An Awkward Spot on Your Wall

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So we have this ‘shelf;’ a random encapsulation of some kind that just juts out on our focal point wall. During our recent remodel, we talked about removing it, but that would be an intense drywall job. Then I stumbled upon the Pinterest sensation, Stikwood. Reclaimed wood planks that are THIN, so more like tiles, that form to the wall with a peel-and-stick adhesive. You might need a miter saw if you want to trim the wood planks, but each package comes with a variety of sizes so we just did it ‘puzzle’-style and filled in any gaps with grey acrylic paint. I know, we are like the laziest remodelers ever! But we are so happy with this custom-looking, rustic, SUSTAINABLE feature that was once an awkward eyesore. 



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I'm a mom, wife, certified yoga instructor and TV personality whose passion is coaching you toward a healthier, simpler, greener life! I use tools including yoga, organization and downsizing to create lives free of unnecessary STUFF and stress. Email me to start your journey toward Simple, Green, ME!

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