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Sustainable Halloween

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Why buy new Halloween costumes when you can get outfits like these for $7 at Kid to Kid in Utah? Secondhand is the only way to go, especially when it comes to ‘disposable’ get ups for Halloween. 

Also, my decor was sourced with sustainability in mind. (Click here for the house tour video)

-bowl of found pine cones 🌲

-arrange colored corn cobs in a jar🌽

-decorate with #farmersmarket #pumpkins (warts and all!) 🎃

-use steak knife to carve bats out of styrofoam that came with a recent purchase, coat with $1 acrylic paint from Michaels, hanged from string 🍂

-flashing #jackolantern 75 cents from #DeseretIndustries

And that’s my advice for a green – and CHEAP – Halloween! 


Author: simplegreenme

I'm a mom, wife, certified yoga instructor and TV personality whose passion is coaching you toward a healthier, simpler, greener life! I use tools including yoga, organization and downsizing to create lives free of unnecessary STUFF and stress. Email me to start your journey toward Simple, Green, ME!

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