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Natural Home Solutions Using 3 Common Products

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Dreamed of having an all-natural household, but reluctant to spend extra for organic products? Well, what you need to make a virtually endless array of household and beauty products is likely already in your kitchen cabinet.

Here are several items that can do the dirty work, naturally!


VINEGAR (distilled white, and apple cider)
The basics: antiseptic, antibacterial, and its acidity dissolves mineral deposits
*Studies at Arizona State University have found that vinegar
can curb appetite and food intake, helping prevent weight gain and obesity.
Uses: (home) stain remover; dye enhancer; shine leather; discourage pets; odor remover; soap scum/buildup remover; wound cleaner; all-natural pesticide; (beauty) age spot reducer; hair clarifyer; facial toner; nail polish last longer; (kitchen) Low-cal salad dressings; add too much salt – taste correct with vinegar; make cakes more moist; when boiling or steaming veggies, helps remove gassiness; digestive system-clearing, weightloss promoting drink.

The basics: An antiseptic mineral that neutralizes both acidic and alkaline chemicals, as well as maintain neutral pH (like in your laundry water, which helps boost your detergent’s power).
*Egyptians used it as a form of soap
Uses: (home) Pour some down the drain followed by three cups of boiling water for a drain cleaner; leave a cup in the fridge to freshen and eliminate odor; freshen bedding/carpet/shoes/garbage cans; all-natural pesticide; polish silver; soften buildup (oven, driveway, shower, dishwasher, garbage disposal, etc.); clean floors; smother fire; soak hygiene products; boost your detergent/wash diapers; (beauty) mix with coconut oil and course sea salt for a whitening tooth polish; mix with honey and brown sugar for an acne- and blackhead-clearing face scrub; deodorant; add water and use as soap; put some in a tub of water for your baby to cure diaper rash; clarifying/skin softening bath; (kitchen) antacid; fruit & veggie scrub

The basics: High lauric acid content makes this oil antifungal, antimicrobrial and a proponent of good cholesterol.
*Easily digested triglyceride mean good fats quickly turned into energy, boost metabolism and brain function
Uses: (beauty) lotion; emollient-rich eye cream; makeup remover; facial cleanser; mix with coffee grounds for a delicious body scrub; split-end smoother; rub on inside of your nose for stuffy/dry nose relief; yeast infection treatment; lighten age spots; prevent stretch marks; diaper cream; help skin heal from wounds to eczema; (kitchen) No-cholesterol butter and oil substitute (you’ll never go back!) with high smoking point; coffee creamer replacement.
Find more ideas here!

Dilute tea tree essential oil in water or carrier oil for a serum that soothes, heals and kills bacteria (skin conditions, body odor, ear infections, dandruff, clean/disinfect home and laundry, cold relief)
Lavender essential oil is similar: Disinfects wounds, soothes anxiety and depression, helps prevent stretch marks, helps clarify oily skin and tone acne


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